QUIET Public Project Deliverables

  • D2.1 User needs and expectations
  • D2.2 Multi-physical entire vehicle model; control units for energy management system
  • D2.3 Assessment report for user-centric design of the e-vehicle
  • D3.1 Hybrid foam materialand demonstrator seat with weight and thermal improved parts
  • D3.2 Lightweight vehicle components (glasses, door, engine hood, trunk lid, etc.)
  • D3.3 Assessment report for new lightweight components
  • D4.1 System and components for more efficient heating (infrared), cooling (propane based ACSystem and thermal management (PCM techniques))
  • D4.2 Assessment report for enhanced energy efficiency and comfort
  • D5.1 Prepared vehicle validation platform
  • D5.2 Vehicle validation platform with integrated components and modules
  • D5.4 Vehicle energy consumption and driving range, thermal comfort & user interfaces; assessment of the technology transfer from B to A, C and D-segment vehicles
  • D6.1 Dissemination and communication strategy
  • D6.2 Project website content and corporate identity
  • D6.3 Exploitation strategy
  • D6.4 Summary of published documents
  • D6.5 Final Exploitation Plan

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